Noise Fun Facts

Noise Pollution is a contamination of the quality of the sound in the air (i.e. the type of sound generated by gasoline-powered leaf blowers)
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Powered by Lithium Energy Modules, our mowers offer all-day mowing with extreme power and stealthy operation. With available horsepower exceeding most commercial gas mowers in their classes and maximum torque from the start, our mowers prove that cordless electric mowers can be powerful and extremely quiet. The loudest our mowers will get is 80db, where gas mowers are 95-100db.  


*For every 6db difference in sound, noise doubles. For example, our 80db electric mower is less than half the noise of an 86db mower.

And our electric backpack blowers, string trimmers, and hedge trimmers also feature all-day, stealthy operational capability. At only 63db, our backpack blower, for instance, complies with noise-restricted regions and is ideal for working on noise-sensitive properties like schools, condo complexes and assisted living facilities, as well as residential neighborhoods.


Electric Commercial-Grade Mower


Gas Powered Commercial-Grade Mower


Electric Commercial-Grade Blower


Gas Powered Commercial-Grade Blower


Note: Normal conversation is usually held at 60db **OSHA requires ear protection for 90+db

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Wrap Up

Noise pollution causes a disruption to the normal quality of the environment and is detrimental to our quality of life. By investing in commercial-grade electric lawn equipment, it is the goal of LAWNOMI to leave our customers with a more peaceful and healthy environment.

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